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Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.

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For over 20 years we have helped thousands of individuals, just like you, have confidence in their financial decisions. It’s time for your finances to become Crystal Clear!

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Reach Out W/The Lynns’

Reach Out Fellowship 218 Osborne Road, Albany is a born again, Spirit-filled, full Gospel, family oriented fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ. Listen weekdays @ 4:45 am & 5:15 pm, Saturday @ 5:00 am and Sunday @ 2:45 am on WJIV!

To view their online live services held Thursday’s @ 7:00 PM and Sunday mornings @ 10:30 AM click HERE.

WJIV is excited to announce a new Sunday morning program to our broadcast lineup! Tune in each Sunday at 2:00 am and again at 9:00 am to Jesus Is Our Shepherd. This radio ministry of Pastor Ray McMahon is a national broadcast with a focus on Divorce and Remarriage.

Pastor Ray Barnett has served in the Amsterdam, NY area for over 30 years. As the founding pastor of Time For Truth Ministries, his desire is to see a true Biblical New Testament church in our modern days, founded on the love of the brethren, and has labored to that end through times of blessing and adversity. 


Next up on Pathway to Victory is a series that addresses a topic our society loves to debate: do feelings / attitudes control us, or do we control them? Was I just born this way, or do I have a choice? Here’s the plain and simple truth in this series’ title: Choose Your Attitudes, Change Your Life.Tune in weekdays at 7:30 am and 4:30 pm. Saturday at Noon. Sundays at 3:00 am on WJIV!

This July on Discovering the Jewish Jesus Rabbi Schneider is teaching through two series that will encourage and embolden your listeners as they walk with Jesus each day! Here’s what your audience can expect on the daily and weekend programs this month…

Roman’s: Exploring Paul’s Epistle Season One

In this series, Rabbi Schneider takes listeners through one the most important writings in the New Testament that defines the major doctrines of our faith and leads us into redemption through Messiah Jesus.

God’s Supernatural Presence

God is supernatural! What does that mean, what does it look like, and what does it imply for you and your relationship with Him? Find out in this series, “God’s Supernatural Presence.” Rabbi Schneider will encourage you to believe for and welcome all that God has for you. Expecting and experiencing the supernatural can be a regular way of life! Be prepared to walk in a new revelation of God and the world around you. Saturate your life with the supernatural presence of God!

Invite listeners to tune in and gain a deeper understanding of the book of Romans and the profound significance this letter has for the Jew and the Gentile alike!  Tune in weekdays at 2:30 am and 9:30 am. Saturday at 5:00 pm. Sundays at 9:30 am on WJIV!


Many Christians admit, End Time Bible prophecy is complex and difficult to understand…  But what if you could understand Bible Prophecy and know what will happen during the End Time? You can!!! Listen to The Endtime Show, with Dave Robbins, Vince Stegall and Doug Norvell to gain peace and understanding about what the Bible says concerning End Time Prophecy. Tune in Weekdays @ 8:00 PM on Victory 102, WJIV!